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I bought this guitar for $345 at a national chain music store. I wanted a guitar that felt good as well as sounded good with simple basic features. This is it.

This guitar sounds warm and thick. It has great sustain and a looks cool. The action is excellant. It has a great "feel" to it.

I really can't complain about this guitar. If anything, the neck seems heavier than the body so it seems like it wants to pont downward when I let go of it.

This guitar is very solid with a set neck and mohogony body. Two double humbucker pickups that are hot. Top notch for the price.

I like this guitar a lot. Ibanez is a name that I have grown to trust over the years and this one keeps that belief alive.

Dave Henninger rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-21.

I purchased this Silver AX120 on Ebay for $150. I liked the look of them and the price was right.

A very solid guitar, exceptionally bright tone. I refitted it with Dimarzio Super Distortion pickups because the stock pickups got feedback. Really cuts through and for some reason is brighter than my (almost identical) AXS32. Another major upgrade was to Graph Tech string saddles in the bridge. Haven't broken a string since. I would suggest Graph Tech's on ANY guitar. Also came stock with graphite nut.

Like I said, the stock pickups leave a bit to be desired, but otherwise the guitar has proven itself very reliable. Only complaint is the neck pickup ring was monted crooked so the pickup poles don't perfectly line up with the strings.

Solid construction and materials overall, Matte finish on back of bolt-on neck is a favortie of mine. I love ibanez's bolt-ons. I think they have more sustain than the neck-thrus.

I was thrilled to see the identical guitar on the guitar stand of Breaking Benjamin's guitar player when we opened for them. Good enough for a national touring act, I guess! (although I'm positive it's just a backup for his PRS's)

Kevin W. rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-29.

I wanted a no-frills quality guitar with a double cutaway body style and higher output pickups, and this guitar fit the bill. I bought this guitar new online for $248.00 after playing it at a local music store, which would have charged me more, including sales tax.

This quality guitar is super solid and plays very well. I particularily like the neck, which was thin enough to play fast leads and wide enough at the nut to finger chords properly.

Because of its construction It can be a little challenging initially to finger up on the three highest frets. But my hand has since adapted to this.

This guitar is top notch! solid construction and reasonably priced

The ax 120 has been referred to as a "first" guitar, and price-wise this may be true. but the quality and sound of this axe makes it good enough for anybody! I have been playing for 20 years. It has also been accused of not being a "shredders" guitar, but I can rip out the three-note per string scales and arpeggios as fast as any guitar I have ever played. Buy it!

Keltation rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-27.

Color - Black Bought it used from a music Go-Round. Paid $245. The name is what made me look at it and the price seemed reasonable to me. Played it several times and was happy with the overall playability. It's not a shredding guitar, but it'll do just about anything you want.

It sits perfectly in a finger-style position, the way I like it. The design is nice, a good poor mans SG. It's a solid first guitar.

The pickup switch is either poorly placed or just really crappy. Needs to be replaced.

Seems well made. Looks like it could be run over by a truck and still be played.

Would I buy it again, probably. I bought it to have a change from my accustic and it fits that bill nicely.

Joe rated this unit 4 on 2003-02-25.

I first stumbled apon this guitar at after seeing an add in guitar world by samash. I quickly found a musicstop dealer and test played it a few times.. at first it was just the body syle that drew me to it but then after i started playing it it just seemed to flow...i paid almost 600 canadian with taxes and i have never regretted it.. the only instruments that have ever come close in playability are parkers and prs.

i love the way i can make it squeel witht the pick ups or thick powerchords anywhere on the neck. it is wonderful for drop tunings.. D or C# is perfrect...i am mad at everyone giving this guitar bad reviews.. it is the favourite out of my 7 guitar collection which includes gibsons and fenders.

the only dislike i have about this guitar is it not holding in tune to drop tunings as well as it should. NO REGRETS

i would say that this is my perfect guitar and ibanez clearly thought this through in the planning stages.. combined with the right amp this guitar can make any sound you want.

this guitar may not be good for beginners or even pros until u spend some time and get to know it. my playing didn't really improve until i figured out how it worked. but it is the best guitar overall i have ever played.

Greg Vautour rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-11.

i had this unit from my brather, i paid 1230frf



Model AX120 Available Finish Black (BIK) Gray Nickel (GN) Body Material Mahogany Neck Material 1 piece maple Neck Scale 24 3/4" No. Frets/Type 22 Large Fingerboard Bound Rosewood Inlay Pearl Dot Bridge Fixed H/W Color Chrome Neck Pickup IBZ Infinity 1 Humbucker Middle Pickup NA Bridge Pickup IBZ Infinity 1 Humbucker

i love this model!!!

Moubine rated this unit 1 on 2001-12-21.

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