Ibanez AX-120 Reviews 5

In Melbourne, where I paid AUS$699.

The Ibanez AX-120 has a slim structure and built, which allows for maximum stage performance and movement. And because it is light-weight as well, one can give great stage performances and presence essential for a performer. A good case in point will be Mars Volta, ex At the drive in, guiatrist Omar Rodriguez who owns a custom made Ibanez Ax-120, one can see the great accessibility of stage presence this guitar allows. Moreover, is has a beautiful contoured shape of a gibson sg look-alike, just without the weight. It is as cheap and playable as a beginner's guitar, adn yet sounds like a pro.

The neck might be a little to wide for smaller hands, but other than that, should be great to play.

The construction of the guitar is wide and eye-catching,and comes in two otehr colours as well. The sound is awesome, and it is one of the most widely used guitar in present time.

Great guitar, great feel and light-weight. I highly recommend.

lesept rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-26.

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