Ibanez AX120 Reviews 1

I got it at Samash for around 300 a long time ago... i think maybe a year.

What i like? oh... what i found acceptible. The neck had a nice feel.

The pickups seemed to... how should i say this... SUCK! This is why i stayed away from Ibanez's for so long. I know now that the hight models are quite good but the lower ones (anything below 400) are crap. For some reason this thing always had a problem with the jack, it would come loose way too often. The bridge is... not great. Speed picking is quite a challenge on it... we can just say the bridge sucked. The body was made out of Basswood and was WAY too light! it sat terribly on a strap. They obviously slapped this thing together without testing it first. Not a guitar to me marveled at.

it stays in one peice... that's a good point. The pickups suck, the jack sucks, the bridge sucks, the body sucks.

Don't buy this, please! your wasting your money! save a few more hundred and get a good guitar! please! I'd rather waste my time changing a whole set of strings on a floyd rose tremolo and then play a good guitar then play this piece of junk. If you dare even consider buying this thing i'll have to personally beat you.

Dan K rated this unit 1 on 2001-11-20.

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