Ibanez AX1220 Biker Black Reviews 5

I was looking to purchase a high end guitar.I look at the available options at the only music store in town.With whom I purchase many items from.I was looking closely at a high end Peavey when one of the employees turned me to this Ibanez they just got in never put on the shelf. I took one look and then played it and knew this was the one seeing how it is a prestige model.

I like the cool leather-like body finish. Also the playability was awesome the neck the action and the bridge.The sound is great wheather your playing hard rock or classic rock or even country or blues it is absolutley awesome sounding. Love the v7/8 pickups.

absolutley nothing there isnt anything I dislike about the guitar at all.

The mahogany body with the rugged leather texture is killer.The neck has a great feel.The double cutaway body perfect.

I recomend this guitar to anyone wanting a unique style and finish but a great sound for a wide variety of music.

buttkickin ibanez rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-03.

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