Ibanez AX220QM Reviews 5

I found this beauty at a pawn shop priced at $300 (U.S) Not a scratch or blemish on it...had another Ibanez guitar (GSA20) that I didn't think twice about trading in to get a better deal on this one and I DON'T regret it!!

BEAUTIFUL quilt top (maple) and mohogany body....neck feels like a DREAM!!! Nice binding on the neck..good tuners, and stays in tune fairly good.The pickups are o.k.....not nothing extrordinary, but it sounds o.k.. Just a nice overall guitar.

I'm not too crazy about the fact that it only comes in one color, they call it blueberry but coulda just called it RED!!

the mohogany body (quilted maple top) give this guitar a nice, rich tone. The binded neck feels like silk in your hands. VERY playable!! The neck is bolted in to the body. Tuners are good and keep the guitar in tune very well. Again...a very nice overall guitar.

I would recommend this guitar to anyone from starters to pro. Everyone I've showed this guitar to has fell in love with it, its looks and feel are something that is truly something to behold.

C. Painter rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-08.

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