Ibanez AX7221 7 String Reviews 4

Well, I went to my nearest guitar center, and I wanted to get a seven string guitar. This model was the most affordable one at the time. It was $350.

It sounds really good. It has a really nice clean. It also sounds great with a good distortion pedal.

The contruction is not the best. The screws come loose very easily. And the input jack also comes loose easily.

Like I said earlier, the construction is pretty poor. A little below my standards. I already had to replace two stripped screws and Ive only had it for four months

I really like it because the sounds is really good, especially for the price. But, the construction could be a little better. I guess thats the difference between the AX7221 AND AX7521

Pimp Don Magic Juan rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-27.

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