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The Ibanez AFS Series AFS75T is a must see for anyone looking for a nice hollow body guitar at an even nicer price. I like this guitar more than Epiphone's version of the 335, but of course it doesn't match the classic Gibson version. Still, it's a nice substitute if you can't afford a bona fide 335 or other top end hollow body guitar. At les... [read more on Audiofanzine]

moosers rated this unit 5 on 2011-10-29.

Musicians Friend $339

Lots to like about this inexpensive (I won't use the word cheap, cause nothing but he price feels that way to me.) little guitar. Like all Ibanez' guitars I own, it holds intonation great, and stays in tune all the way up the neck. The action is really easy, and the neck has a nice comfy feel. The pickups are HOT for a guitar in this price range, and the sounds you can get from this axe work well for gigs ranging from Swamp pop, Raging Funk, Rockabilly all the way to lounge and cocktail jazz. The whammy bar (tremolo unit) works as well as (if not better than) the Bigsby on my Gretsch. I like the headstock logo, but probably because it reminds me of Elvis' TCB logo!

I'm used to playing a Gretsch, and the volume control on the Artcore is pretty akward to adjust quickly (needed in a solo Jazz setting) I overcome this by using an Ernie ball volume pedal I had lying around, but having 1 "master volume" controlling both pickups up on the shoulders would improve this guitar immensely. Ditto with the pickup selector. I'm used to one placed above the fretboard on the shoulder, not hidden behind the whammy bar. This placement makes it nearly impossible to execute a really fast pickup switch. In a band setting, this won't matter as much, but again, for solo Jazz it's a pain.

Top notch. I only one complaint in that the pick guard was really cheap looking plastic, pre scratched up for me, with several plastic burrs hanging off. (Quality control must have been taking an egg roll break when mine rolled off the line.) But one phillips head screwdriver, and one minute later I had a great looking guitar minus a pickgaurd. Neck inlays are great quality, tuners are solid, whammy bar is pretty, yet works!

Bottom line: Great Guitar! I would reccomend this guitar to anyone from pro to beginner (and I already have to lots of guitarists I've met at gigs.) If they could fix those volume/ pickup selector issues this would be a perfect guitar . When in New Orleans come see "Heather and the Monkey King" to see and hear one in action.

the Monkey King rated this unit 4 on 2003-05-24.

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