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I was looking at a wall of guitars at my favorite music store, JW Music, and i was actually planning on buying another electric gutiar made by Squire, and i was just there to finalize my decision, but i ended up walking down to the end of the row and noticed this AWESOME looking guitar and i totally forgot all about the Squire gutiar i wanted, i knew that this Ibanez Artcore was for me! it looke AWESOME and it i asked the merchant what kind of quality it was and he said it was really good! it had awesome sound quality, pick ups, etc. So, i ended up buying it for $372.99 which included tax and a gig bag. it was also about 200 bucks cheaper than alot of other guitars there that were twice as ugly and worse quality. it was a GREAT deal for the quality of this guitar!

Well, the thing that first attracted me to this gutiar was the way it looked. i bought the Transparent blue sunburst verion of it. it it an awesome look! it fades from a shiney-silvery blue to a dark but shiney black to give it a cool rock look. it is amazing! it also has wonderful sound quality.it also, because of being a hollow-body electric, has a nice ring to it which adds flavor to your music. but it can give out that hard rock sound at the same time..which means it is very versatal. it also has a mahogany set in neck and

ther isnt a thing i dont like about it.

for how cheap it is...it is EXCELLENT in quality. it has a mahogany set in neck, pearl block inlay, awesome color, tone and voloume controls, good string definition, etc. all of it is excellent.

if your on a budget, but still want to make phenomanal music with an awesome looking gutiar, its for you. you really get more than what you pay for. it has great sound quality, great looks, great ring, great tone...everything..great quality..and all for a better price. it is definately what i would recommend to everyone.

Kenzie rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-06.

I bought it form Samedaymusic.com for 299.99 including shipping.

Man, I love this guitar. For the price, you just can't beat it. Nice bassy jazz tones, excellent finish, above par trim...I mean it's no D'angelico...but it was pawn shop priced new.

Let's see...the pickups are mid-output..which may turn off some ultra distortion fans..but it doesn't bother me. The action was a little low for the strings it came set with, but how many people really like the factory set action. I really have no complaints.

okay, here's where this guitar shines...anyone who has ever bought a budget end guiatr knows that the three things you sacrifice are finish, fit, and sound quality. Not so on the artcore series. The finish ( I got the translucent blue burst) is phenomenal, it is well constructed, and as mentiones earlier, the pickups, while not excessively hi-output, are also not noisy, and have fairly good string definition.

If you want a solid jazzbox or rocka-a-billy guitar but don't have the dough for a fancy high end boutique model...the artcore series really is an amazing buy for the money.

Jaosn Renn rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-12.

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