Ibanez Artcore AG85 Reviews 5

I bought this from Daddy's Junky Music in Albany, New York, for $429.00 with a hardshell case.

The first thing that attracted me was the Bubinga wood body finished in a transparent red. Even the pickguard is the same material instead of some cheap plastic. The block inlay work on the fretboard is done extremely well, with abalone framed by mother of pearl. The action is very nice for this type of guitar, not as easy as a solid body type, but for an archtop it is as good as guitars costing many times more. The tones that this guitar produces are smooth and even with no harsh bite, and it seems to be pretty difficult to detune. Edge binding is top notch, overall a great instrument for a good price. It plays well, looks beautiful, and sounds great - what more can you want?

Control placement is not player friendly, but as anyone who has repaired or modified a hollow body knows, everything near an f-hole is the easiest to deal with. I wish it had been available with gold hardware.

Well built for an offshore unit. Fit, finish, and playability are excellent. I have looked at other similar guitars and this one ranks among the much higher priced guitars.

This is a killer axe - not only is it great looking and sounding, but you can't find anything in this price range that even comes close on quality.

Steve Cox rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-30.

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