Ibanez Artcore AM73T Reviews 5

I was looking for a good semi-hollow guitar and there was a big clearance sale going on at a music store. I bought my artcore for $490 canadian.

I play in a punk band, so I needed a guitar that sounded sweet, but still had a lot of power. The artcore fit the bill perfectly. I had been looking at it's cousin, the af75, but the am73t seemed to suit my needs better. Apart from looking awesome (I guess I got transparent red, but it doesn't look at all like the pictures on the internet, much better) it is extremely versatile. With the bridge pickup you can get a great grunge/classic rock sound and you could pull off a metal sound with the neck pickup. By fiddling around with the tone and volume controls you can get almost anything you want.

My one complaint is that it's a bit harder to get the guitar sounding right clean, it tends to be too dark or too bright, but with a couple minutes of fiddling you can get it sounding perfect too.

Construction is beautiful. No seams visible anywhere, and if I didn't know any better I'd swear the guitar was all one piece. Everything stays where you put it and nothing has broken yet.

Awesome guitar for the price, and an awesome guitar period. If you're not going to use the tremolo bar than you could get the am73 instead, but the bigsby style tailpiece looks wicked.

Sean rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-22.

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