Ibanez Artist Model Reviews 4

I bought this unit at Daddy's Junky Music in Henrietta. I paid between 200 and 250 dollars. I went here because it is where my father bought his Ibanez. I got the red one that he wanted, but they didn't have it at the time he bought his, so he got stuck with the black one.

I like it because of its overall feel and the symmetry of the body. It has dual pickups, and I found that they gave me pretty good sound. The color wasn't to overpowering to the eye, and price wasn't bad either. I am a beginner when it comes to guitars, and I am finding this guitar easy to use and handle.

I haven't had too much experience with this unit to say what I reall dont like. The input slot does tend to come unscrewed quite often, usually after every five times I unplug the cord from it. The knobs are hard to reatach after cleaning, and lining them up the same is kind of tricky. Adjusting the neck to the body can also be a little tricky.

The construcion is pretty solid. Most of the parts do come apart, and can be cleaned. The finish is glossy red, which I find very easy to clean.

This guitar I found to be a good beginning guitar. It has simple color and the controls can get a litte annoying, but in the long run they are OK at enhancing the overall quality of the unit. It gives off great sound, and I found the handling quite good.

RUMMMBLE rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-24.

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