Ibanez DT200 Destroyer Reviews 5

Ive been messin around for a few years. but as of lateley i've really gotten into my music. listening for a certain tone or sound that i like. so when met my fellow guitarist we just clicked. we thought the same way and liked the same feel of out music. now we just need the rest of the band.

I've been playing for about ten years. so i have been areound a few good ones and a few bad ones. so when i came into the money i started looking around for a guitar. i wanted something that had a killer paint job and hard lines that said something. but i didnt want some crazy looking guitar that had a bend everywhere like my B.C Rich. so when i found the guitar in the local shop for $300, i couldnt wait. i came back the next day and bought it.

almost eveything. i love the Korina wood. when i learned what it was and how hard it was to get ahold of i swore never to let go. i had my friends set the action as low as possible which made the guitar easier to play. the pickups give a great metal sound like Lamb Of God, but in turn can give a great ZZTOP feel also. its got nice lines and is super light. which is nice for the three hours i practice.

the only thing i dont like is that the input jack comes loose from time to time. i have'nt had the time to replace it. and like any guitar not worked on. the nut is to high and makes it harder to play at the first and second frets. other than thos two easily fixable things....great guitar

good neck. the smooth connection point makes getting your hand far up on the frets even more comfortable. everything is solid on this guitar. you know that guitar that feels like its gonna fall apart when you pick it up. this isnt one. you could drop (which i dont suggest doing) and it would come right back to ya. and lastely, the paint job is wonderful. i could stare at it for hours.

the guitar is a great practice, gig, backup guitar. its good for all types of music. Eddie Van Halen used it so you know it has to be able to take a beating. so i would buy it no matter what. (i already have)

Phil rated this unit 5 on 2006-04-05.

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