Ibanez DTX 120 Destroyer Reviews 4

I got mine's for a nice price of about 240 at Guitar Center. This was my 2nd guitar. My first was a BC Rich bronze Warlock. When that one broke i needed another rocker guitar that would work for practice and live gigs.

I was flabbergasted by the gorgeous candy apple finish, no nasty finger stains or smudge marks on this baby! The shape is pretty confortable as well,It is compact and lightweight. The neck is it's best feature. It is flat and plays excellent on barre chords and fast solos. The DX features only two knobs, which is fine for minimalists and beginers who don't want to fuss with tones too much.

The clean sound on this guitar is gorgeous on low volumes. Sparklier than a Les Paul, but not too twangy like a strat. However, when the volumes are kranked the humbuckers react and you get unnecesary drive. Distorted, this guitar is a nice for rythim. As far as a lead guitar, it's not the best. It does smack you hard when overdriven trugh the trebble position, but it doesn't cut too good in alive situation with two guitars and a loud bass.

The quality is great. You get more bang than you'd imagine for an under $300 price tag. The only complaint here is that the electronics in the tone and volume on mine gave out about a year after i bought it. I took it for repairs and the repair guy told me maybe it was just dirt, till this day i haven't repared it.

The DTX is a wonderfull compact and light weight guitar. It is very confortable for long studio or practice sessions. THe cosmetics make it luscious and the price tag irresistible. I would definately recomend this guitar to the beginer who wants to upgrade, or the pro who needs a back up.

Alma Rockstar rated this unit 4 on 2004-04-08.

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