Ibanez DTX Destroyer Reviews 4

I bought this guitar at Hermes Music here in San Antonio, Tx.. i paid about $245 dollars for it. The color is Candyapple Red.

This guitar has a very smooth neck, fast. the action is great.. pickups sound good. i bought a seymour duncan treble pickup and installed it, sounds kickass! ive had this guitar for about 2 years now.. still sounds good.

the treble sounds good... but the rythym pickup doesnt sound all that great.. after two years the only thing thats happened to it, is one of the tuning knobs falls off when i remove the strings.. but that can be fixed.

the construction is excellent, very sturdy.. sounds good.. considering the type of wood and weight. i did notice one thing about these guitars.. mine seems to be a different kind of wood. i picked up the same model at the store.. it seemed lighter and the neck was alot fatter... maybe someone can explain.

bottom line.. um overall this guitar is pretty good.. for 250 bucks. sounds better than an epiphone les paul ive owned, and better than a squier strat ive played on..

David rated this unit 4 on 2003-03-06.

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