Ibanez Destroyer DTX 120 Reviews 5

I purchased this guitar online from Sam Ash. I was really looking for a Gibson Xplorer. The price tags on the Gibsons where just a little too much for my budget.I was wanting something with a better sound and a more meaty sound than my Squier Strat.I also wanted something with a little wilder styling as well. i liked the Flying V and Xplorer models Gibson had.I found the Ibanez Destroyer more by accident than on purpose. I was looking for Xplorer styling with a more affordable price tag. I paid about $250 or so for the guitar plus a hard case for $70. I think the case was $70. I may be wrong about the price, I'm really sure that was it however. There is only one case for the Ibanez Destroyer, a hard case.

I really like this guitar. I haven't had it very long but,it is the best electric I have.I'm not here to talk about how bad my Squier Strat is in a compairison.My Strat just doesn't play like this, thats all. This Ibanez is very easy to play. The fingerboard seems wider to me than my Strat. Thats a nice thing because I have large fingers. The neck seems to have a nicer feel also.The dual humbuckers really sound off. This is a loud guitar made for loud rock music. The sound is great. In this shack of an apartment I'm renting(I have got to find a better place soon)the walls are paper thin, so I'm constantly turning down my amp so I don't rattle this hovel off it's foundation. The paint is beautiful candy-apple red. A gloss as deep as the shine on a new corvette. Simply stunning. Nice chrome hardware as well. Decent fit and finsh all the way as far as I can tell.

So far there is nothing I dont like about this guitar.

As I mentioned earlier the paint is great. Every thing seems very nice so far, but I haven't had this guitar that long. So I don't knoW if a problem will arise with it later on.

If you like the Gibson xplporer line of guitars, but they are just a little too far out of your reach finacially,you might like to look at an Ibanez Destyorer. Reasonable price,good sound guality,great paint finish,styling that just simply rocks. The price is really reasonable for $250 is not a lot of money for a guitar seeing as how Fender Strat standard imports start at $350. Do your self a favor. If your still reading this and go try one for your self. I think you may like it.

Ibanez Destroyer DTX120 rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-22.

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