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Ive been playing about 20 Years now and Was playing live from i was 16, Current Styles is mostly Satriani Stuff, First Ibanez i bought was Rg450 which i thought was Pretty Good, that was until I bought 470ex

I seen this Guitar on Ebay and straight away i thought i had to have it, I paid 300 Pounds for it,

i love the Finish of the Guitar, The trem at the Start was a Little Ropey But after a bit of Tinkering i got it stable, The Original Pick-ups were pretty good but nothing Brilliant, I switched them out with a Dimarzio Fred in the Bridge and a PAF Pro in the neck,,Such a difference this made, WOW the sound is fantastic, Ive changed the neck pup again to a paf Joe, and again made the Guitar Sing, Ive Read some bad reviews of the Edge Pro 2 but when its set right u can do Lifestyle without any worrys about the trem

The Strap connectors Broke Straight Away but swapped them out with a Schaller Strap lock and that was sorted,,It is a Guitar that is hard to find any faults With.

Quality Is Amazing for the price i paid, This thing would eat any JS100, the 3d Aerofoil effect makes the guitar easy to play,

Well with buying the guitar and upgrading the pups its only cost about 450,, For the money its amazing and would have no problems Recommending this Guitar to anyone.

Darren rated this unit 5 on 2006-04-09.

Price paid: EUR 486,00 (new) After 6 years of playing on a Squier Strat, I decided that I deserved something better. I was also looking for a somewhat fatter sound, although I do like the clarity of a single coil as well. A H-S-H combination seemed to be the right choice for me. I tested many guitars over a one year period, and I always felt very comfortable with Ibanez. After comparing some of their models, I finally went for the EDR470EX, which to me has a very interesting 'feel-look-price' combination.

The guitar did not disappoint me up until now. The instrument really feels good, and the thin neck and jumbo frets allow me to play considerably smoother and faster than I used to. The 5-way swith doesn't crack when switched, and the sound in hum-positions 1 & 5 is rich, powerfull and warm. The 2 & 3 positions are close to those of a Strat-type, although a little warmer and not so clear and bright.

I usually play while sitting on a chair, and resting the EDR470 on my leg still feels a little strange because the instrument is then positioned more to the right then I'm used to. The plastic straplocks are definitely not of the same quality level as the rest of the hardware. This is open for improvement. The guitar is quite heavy for its' size, so I assume that playing it for 2 hours during a live-gig can be quite a challenging task.

The overall quality of the EDR470 is very good, and the hardware (tuners, volume & tone controls, tremolo bridge) are amazing for a guitar in this price range. However, it took me some time to get the action, intonation and bridge angle setup right. This really needed some attention, as the factory setup was not good at all. When properly set up, the tremolo bridge will return to pitch very well after a raise or dive. The shape and colour (I've got the Jewel Blue Flat version) of the body are a pleasure for the eye.

I'm very happy with this instrument, as I feel that I have received good value for my money. The guitar looks great, is comfortable to play, and can produce a wide range of sounds.

GG rated this unit 4 on 2004-07-02.

I bought it at a local music shop in Gislaved, Sweden called "Musikia". I paid 7000SEK which is about $900 at todays rate.

The neck is fast and easy to play. The pickups are really sweet and the sound spans from full blues tones to screaming rock-leads. anything can be played.

the small buds used to attach the shoulderstrap. these aare out of plastic and have some sort of alien design. these WILL break, no matter how careful you are. so buy some standard metal ones and change. too bad the designers overlooked this small but important item. the string-locks are sharp and you can easily cut yourself on them if you play too hard around the first fret.

besides the shoulderstrap buds, the guitar is sturdy, well-built and every detail feels and looks solid. (again, exception those bloody shoulderstrap-buds hehe)

bottom line, this guitar is what you ever needed so go and pick it up and play. oh and don't forget to buy it.

dopamine rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-10.

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