Ibanez Ex series EX1500 Reviews 4

I got this guitar for my 14th Birthday. I'm turning 21 in December. My mom got it from one of her friends for $100. Since then I have had over 9 guitars. This is the most comfortable, nad apparently the most durable.

The Ex1500 has a Full versatile sound. No matter what mood I'm in, I have the option for a tacky Grunge or classic Rock, a Jazzy sound, Deep Classical,Blues, Heavy or Rippin' Death sound, it can do it all. The body is cut for comfort to rest gently upon your body. The Brass hardware over the Black paint and a dark paint mix looking pattern on the pickboard give it a Dark but classy look.

Some times the Machine Heads go out making tunability difficult. but this is only a minor problem, If you feel its a big deal it would be worth your time to buy the guitar anyway and change the tunning knobs. This was the only problem I ever had. Although there is one other porblem. Some parts for this guitar are very difficult to get your hands on, but you should have some luck at a vintage guitar shop.

Unlike Most Guitars this was made for the musician, not the manufacturer. Its has a Durable Maple neck with a laquer finnish composed of 22 frets. Brass hardware. Three pick-ups, 2 Double Humbukers fot Treble and Bass and a single coil for the Mid-Range. a Five way Pick-up switch, 1 vol. and 1 tone knob. The 1500 has an exotic floating bridge. I've never seen another one like it on any other guitar. When people compare guitars I like to Bragg about this feature. It doesn't wheigh too much and but the same time isn't too light.

The Ex1500 is one of the best guitars I have every owned and alomost one of the best I have ever played. LesPaul, Guild and Washburn Make some top notch pieces. The Price of this guitar ir reletively low. If you find one, It may be worth your while. If you Buy a New guitar for the same price, chances are, it will only last a few years. Mine is 13 years old, Played consatantly, never put alot of money into it and Still Plays Great. I would Call this a Classic Instrument.

Randall Parrington rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-29.

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