Ibanez F335191 Talman Solid Body Electric Reviews 4

I have played guitar for about fifteen years my main interests are blues and country (bakersfield sound )I play with a group in a jam type set up. I also play drums and harmonica. I also am a lefty but i play like Albert King /Coca Montoya.

I bought the guitar from a friend who owns a music store. I paid a little under $200 and i really feel like I stole it. I was playing an acoustic electric in our country /Haggard group but I wanted an electrics for the blues.

This guitar is really very versatile. It took me a while to get my electric chops in order, but it has exceeded my expectations, I play thru a Crate GFX 120 and generally all i need is a little reverb the 3 lipstick pickups and the five position switch can go from blues to twang...


The construction is very good. solid feeling controls Gotoh tuners it even has a glossy(which I prefer) birdseye maple neck It has a black paint job and white pickguard

I really like this guitar especially for a player such as my self The double cutaway body shape works well even upside down and the controls are usable. IT PLAYS LIKE A DREAM...

ROGER PENNDORF rated this unit 4 on 2008-01-02.

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