Ibanez GRX-20 Jewel Blue Reviews 2

Played for about 10 years then quit for about 20. Picked it up again about a year ago.

Bought this guitar at Guitar Trader in San Diego, Ca. Paid 149.00 and they gave me extra picks, cable, cleaning cloth

I like the sound when playing some classic rock tunes and overdrive. The neck is pretty fast and for me it is comfortable to play.

Even though this is an entry level guitar, the finish has numerous blemishes,buff marks and the paint is uneven on the entire guitar. The tremolo cover screws are stripped. The tuners are by far the worst I have ever seen. If you touch the tuner, it unwinds and loosens the strings. I have had several entry level guitars(Squire51, 2 Squire Bullets) Shecter Gryphon) and these are the absolute worst tuners there are. I will have to spend the 40, or 50 bucks and have Grover tuners put on this guitar. The fret ends are really sharp. If you are not careful, a cut hand could result.(No kidding). Will also have to get the fret ends dressed.

Overall, this is a good playing guitar, but with the above mentioned problems, I wonder if Ibanez"really sets up their guitars expensive or cheap" like they say. I enjoy playing this guitar, but I have to tune it each and every day. The whammey bar and tremolo unit works fine, but springs make noise that goes thru the amp.

I think I would recommend another brand of "beginner guitars" such as Shecter, Squire, Peavy, etc. Just the tuner problems and sharp fret ends are enough to make me look elsewhere next time.

kelly rated this unit 2 on 2006-02-13.

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