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I bought it off of musicans friend for $159.99. I really like it. Its my first guitar and I've used other people's Ibanez guitars and this one is a good quality one for a great low price. I bought because my experiences from playing my friends Ibanez guitars were good and I thought i would try one out for myself.

I like the way it sounds, it doesn't go out of tune fast, you can go long periods without haveing ot re-tune it so often. It's neck feels great when I hold it making it very easy to move my hands to notes fastly and sleekly.

There is not one thing i can't get along with on this guitar! I makes me feel great while playing it.

Overall this is a beautiful guitar high quality of Ibanez, and plays great. I highly reccoment it to any one who would like to try out an Ibanez for the first time thats on a budget.

Jenna Swanson rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-28.

i live in england i got my grx20 on musicians friend. it cost 101 ($160) and its ace. pickups build sound and reliability ace. get one forget squier. ive been playing an ibanez bass for 2 years but guitars kick ass

easy fretboard smooth neck huge sound fairly light


aircraft quality

idle hand rated this unit 5 on 2001-10-17.

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