Ibanez GRX20Z Reviews 4

I bought this beauty, brand spankin new for $180! I like Ibanez guitars. I'm on a budget, so I passed on the higher end deals.

This guitar has a sharp metallic blue finish. I am blown away by the powersound pickups. They offer the right sound for hard rock. The tremolo is outstanding. It's not as high tech as a Floyd, but it stays in tune well. The neck is flat and great for shredding. Add to that, a basswood body and I'm sold!

Basswood, unlike what the name implies, does not provide enough bass. Oh well, maybe next time I'll shell out some more dough for a mahogany Ibanez.

Overall construction is top notch. Ibanez knew what they were doing when they made this guitar.

For my first Ibanez electric, I'm impressed. I recommend this guitar to guitarists of any level. It is best for heavy rock. I wouldn't bring this guitar to a blues jam, but you could.

Anonymous rated this unit 4 on 2003-09-12.

At Musicianfriend.com it is good for a beginner on a tight budget: $162.00

The nice contoured body the power sound pickup at the bridge and at the nech and the cool humbuckers.

The color.

The Ibanez Grx20z electric guitar is one of my favorite guitars is cheap in price and it has a standard tremolo a powersound pickup at the neck and bridge making a real screamer so what are you waiting get it.

Go and get it.

Edgar Zetina rated this unit 3 on 2002-02-02.

I bought my guitar from some kid on the internet. He was selling it for a 115$ and an amp for 60$ (a real good deal!) And I was so eager to buy an "AX" of my own, i immediatly bought it- And when i got it i played it for like 4 hours straight after school every night. I thought it was awesome.

The guitar is easy to learn on- It's perfect for beginners, or Experts. the sound is really great and clean.

The ONLY problem with this guitar is the fretboard. My fingers have trouble reaching around the fretboard comfortably, but then again, i might just have small fingers.

The quality is really good. The pickguard is very protective to the wood guitar and the fretboard is smooth and durable.

I really like this guitar. Its great for people who are just learning or have been playing for years. Its cheap in cost, but not cheap in quality!

Travis Criscola rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-27.

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