Ibanez GRX720 7 String Reviews 3

I was searching for an inexpensive 7-string guitar(preferably Ibanez or ESP) at Musician's Friends web site. I then came across Ibanez's newest 7-string the GRX-720 for only $299.99 so I bought it.

I loved the thinsmoothfastand comfertable neck. It had a nice black finish w/a black pickguard. It also had very smooth tuners.Though the pickups were beter than I expected I am still gonna replace them w/better ones.

The Ibanez logo at the headstock had little bubbles in it. Though i suspect thats why it was at Musician's Friend.

The neck is maple and it has a rosewood fretboard w/22 frets. The headstock was not angled but like that of the GRX 6-string models. The body is probably alder w/a standard tremolo. Two humbuckers and black hardware.

Overall a pretty good deal.

Paul Daenecke rated this unit 3 on 2001-06-27.

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