Ibanez GRX720 7 srting Reviews 4

Well...I've wanted a 7-string for years now...and found this one for $279, and thought I'd buy it.

It is an entry level 7 string, but its does the job...i has good action, smooth fretboard and a confy neck. The pickups ares tock, yet they sound pretty dang good. The tremolo is standard, so u dont have to bother with the floyd-rose crap that is on the other 7 strings. Nice finish, and great tuners.

I would like to put on a better tremolo system...cause it does go out of tune fairly easy. And i might put in some better pickups, although not for a while.

This guitar is great in terms of durability and playability. For the price i paid....premo ax-age

for someone whos just getting interested in 7 strings...this is a great and inexpensive guitar....go buy one.

Soma Dude rated this unit 4 on 2002-08-09.

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