Ibanez GSA 60 JB Reviews 5

It's the first electric guitar I bought. I've spent a long time looking for the best one. The salesman advised me not to buy a cheap beginner-guitar because I was beyond beginner. I wanted a tremelo and a humbucker. I paid about 300 euro's.

It's a very goodlooking guitar. Not like all the other guitars in this price range. With the humbucker and two single coils you have a big variety of tone. It took me a while to get to know the instrument, but since I fully control it, I'm able to get a wide range of tone. Allthough I have a very cheap amp, I'm satisfied with the possibilities and sound. I bought .10 strings (D'addario) and I would advise everyone to replace the standard .09 strings because thicker strings give a so much better sound. Adjusting the guitar (tremelo) is very easy and you can do it your self. Replacing strings doesn't take longer than a few minutes. More experienced friends admire my guitar, because of the price/quality level.

I have to tune the guitar after every song. Especially after using the tremelo, while it doesn't have a top-lock. The high-e strings breaks quite often, but that's my fault. :-) Apart from that, no problems.

No problems, after one and a half year, it still looks perfectly fine and i've had no problems yet.

Very good guitar, slightly beyond beginner, worth the extra money. Good to start, good to learn and still fun after a few years. Good price/quality level. When I look at the guitar, I can't resist it and have to play on it :-)

Thijs Weistra, The Netherlands rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-11.

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