Ibanez GSA160 Reviews 5

This was my first electric guitar. I'm norwegian, but I bought it while we were living in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany) I first wanted to buy a fender stratocaster, but found soon out that the ibanez was loking much better. It costed 700DM in february 2000. That's about 350 dollars.

The price is low when you think about what you get. The humbucker sounds great. The finish is black pearl, beautiful when it's clean!! The neck is smooth and lovely to play on.

you will have to clean it all the time. If not you will see fingerprints all over the guitar. The strings are too low, so you have to adjust them a littlebit.

Body made of agathis, neck I don't know. But it's great! Almost as good as an js or rg! Great quality on most stuff.

A geat beginners guitar. If you want to start playing guitar, this is your choice! Sound much heavier than on a "boring" strat. Low price, much sound.

c(e)b rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-05.

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