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I was a beginner guitar playing, and was in the market for a :cheap: guitar. I looked all over the net and found this at zzounds.com for about $185.

This is a great loking guitar. Although it is only available in black, it has the same great shaped top as the more expensive ones(ex js100, other ibanez sa's) The pickups really aren't the best, but plenty good for a beginner or someone in a budget. I'm not pullin them out any time soon... And I must say that the neck is fabulous. I went to guitar center(after i bought this guitar), and it was nice even compared to the midranged Epiphones. This thing is so thin and fast it makes me feel like im a good guitar player :)

There isn't really anything i don't like about this guitar. Even though Ibanez is a foreign made company, the construction is good, so far at least. I kinda wish it had a pickguard, it has some scratches there because im not very good yet, but it does look nice and clean without one. I'm glad they didn't give that up.

Well, I already talked about the quality, but again it seems pretty good. once i even was stupid enough to hold it up in my room to look at the bottom and it hit the fan while it was moving, but i couldn't find any marks, lol.

This is a great guitar for just about anyone looking for a budget guitar. It is real nice just like the more expensive Ibanez's, and i really doubt that anyone could be un-pleased with this piece of guitar.

lol im not too good at guitar rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-02.

i bought this unit because i am a beginner to the guitar world and for the price i paid for it it is a great guitar to learn on. For $225 this guitar is awesome. I bought it at guitar center. This is a great guitar for beginners and will last me for quite some time

I love the shape of the guitar and the color black on this is beautiful. It is a very stromg guitar and can withstand some drops. This sound on it is definitely good. For a beginner i find it very nice.

The only thing not so good is the tremolo bar isn't that good.

the construction and quality is great and durable.

this is a great guitar for both beginners and those already playing

WingMan rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-27.

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