Ibanez GSA60 Electric Guitrar Reviews 4

I purchased my Ibanez GSA60 electric guitar from Pavlov's Music in Augusta Maine,USA. I chose the GSA60 because of its fret size, heavy crunching sound, neck size, and value. I paid $229. for a priceless tool for my style.

I think one of the best qualities of the GSA60 is the mahogany like warm lows and strong sustain the agathis body replicates. The GSA60 frets are just the right size for both note bending lead and cording rhythem. I perfer the sound that the humbucker bridge pickup and the two alnico pickups produce apposed to anything else. The GSA60 is lightweight, low profile, and only big where it counts to produce rich tone and strong sustain. The neck has a narrow feel and the strings low tension makes makes beter contact for a clearer sound.

The color! I got black and I wish I would have purchased the jewl blue one. The tune is easily lost but not enough to stop a jam.

A nice loking rugged guitar. In my opinion the best construction and quality for the price.

The S series is the future of rock and metal music. it is the greatest tool for any level guitar player. A big sound for a small price.

Skitso Phreak rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-28.

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