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I got this black guitar for christmas from daddy's junky music. It was my first guitar and i got it in a package for 260 dollars. My friends and i wanted to start a band, and two years later, after aquiring an ivader 2 and a warlock, we're still going strong.

First of all, it looked sharp the moment it came out of the package. The shiny black paint, the chrome hardware. It looks nice. The best thing about it, though, is the pair of humbucking pickups it contains. And, man, for an ibanez, this thing roars. In fact, i could compare it to a metal-made guitar. If you have some extra cash, and you want a hardrock/metal sound without the gothic body, then get this thing, cause the sound will give you all sorts of options. Less importantly, the 24th fret is easier to reach then in many other guitars. The sound is consistent, and will please most gurus.

First of all, this thing is not something you want to be moving around a lot, or something you keep in a flimsy gig bag. Its not particularly light, and scratches and dents easy. Humidity could take a toll on the guitar. Tuning isn't a problem, the bridge can be set so its very flexible, but with higher gain levels and such, the humbuckers let out an abrupt hum when playing a muted "e" string. In fact, i bought an effects pedal, mainly so i could get rid of that hum. Also, i didnt like the wide neck. It was smooth, and easy moving, but bending was a b**ch.

Its heavy, not terribly so, but its heavy. At first its a great made and great looking guitar. Past all the dents u get from everday usage. Sound is good, and the body is a nice wood, but the frets on the neck are sticking out of the frickin sides like the old squires. Neck is smooth though, and play is easy.

Its a great guitar to have in the collection, but nothing u want to bid for, or bet on for that matter. Great for conservatives who want a hard rock sound.

one who likes warlocks, women and chips with dip rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-24.

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