Ibanez Gio Grx40 Reviews 4

I'm from Malaysia and i got this guitar from a guitar shop. the original price was about RM740, but there was a discount at that time so i got for much less.

I've played acoustic for 3 years and now i'm moving to electric. i was thinking for a beginner's guitar, and this was it. It have the chunk! i play mostly heavy songs and this guitar gave me the sound that i want. coupled with a good amp, this guitar would go far. the single coils also helps with other more ballad-like song. i had to choose between this guitar and yamaha pacifia at the time of purchase, but i'm glad i've choosen the grx40.

not much really. sound wise, it's just great for beginners or simply someone who's recently moved to electrics.

it's a little heavier than other similarly priced guitar. the pick-up doesn't look impresive and the humbucker keeps moving around. also some of the screws get rusty easily. that's about it. i had it for nearly a year now, and only the screws are rusting. everything else is just fine.

The Grx40 is a beginner's guitar. u should not expect much from it, but it gets the job done. for the price, it's more than worthed. with the right amp and setting, u could make this guitar go far. i'm using the ibanez tb15r amp, with the right setting i can make this guitar sounds like the offspring or metallica with just some knob twisting.

zul-husni rated this unit 4 on 2003-09-02.

I bought this guitar from Long and Mquades in Brampton, Ontario Canada and I paid $199 canadian

This guitar has an amazing sound. I actually think it sounds better then some more expensive guitars like squires. It comes with a whammy bar which is cool even though I dont use it. The pickups that come standard on this guitar are good.....not great but they get the job done. Lastly the guitar has 2 knobs tone and volume. I like the inclusion of the tone knob because it gives you that extra bit of control over your sound.

There are very few things that I didnt like about this guitar. One of the things however is that the screws that hold the strap connectors on sometimes come loose....not a big problem but its annoying. Lastly this isnt really a problem with the guitar because it comes standard with all Ibanez's but the floating bridge can really get out of tune easily sometimes

The quality is very good i have had this guitar for almost a year and i abuse it every time i jam with my band...the only thing i'v done so far is lightly scrath the pain

Finally overall if you are a beginner like I was when I bought it then this is DEFINITLY the guitar for you. Cheap price, phat sound, good quality

Pat Keen rated this unit 4 on 2002-10-07.

I got this guitar in a guitar store for my birthday for around $250-$300.

i like the strings that the guitar comes with. Love the way it picks up and the sound of the guitar. Delivers big FAT sound. If you are looking for a begginers guitar for a fairly good price this is it!!

There is nothing that I don't like about this guitar it is PERFECT!!

The construction of the guitar is absolutely great. Has four pick-ups, 1 tone button, and one volume button.

I love it. if you are looking for a good guitar for a resonable price this is it.

Matthew Libby rated this unit 5 on 2002-06-06.

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