Ibanez JK2 Jet King Reviews 5

I bought this toy through Ameican Musical Supply. 299.00 in three payments made it irrisitable. I first saw it in the catalogue and really liked the look of it. I got sick and tired of my Strat and was on the look out for something funky, different and with the good possibility of sounding really nasty if the mood strikes. This is it.

Just the look of this thang is sexy and retro. Beautiful brown sunburst and a mile and a half of torty pick guard. Solid and substansial body weight with Jag-Stang contours. Very nice, fat , natural maple neck with rosewood finger board. Once I put some real strings on it (DaDarrio xl 15) the action was suprisingly sweet right out of the box. The coil tap feature is fun and effective and the pickups respond nicely. With the three way toggle switch I have access to so many different sounds I don't know what I like best. T-Bone Walker to Don Rich in the blink of an eye. Whish I could play like them! And hey! I don't keep hitting the volume knob during solos! Damn Strats!!

So far it seems only a matter of aesthetics and not tone, but the plastic nut seems a little suspicious. An owner's manual of some kind would have been helpful to navigate the coil tapping. In general all brand new guitars should include at least a gig bag. Come on folks!

I already mentioned construction but I want to point out that this is the Jet King 2. The JK1 has a lighter body (basswood) and a thinner neck. When the JK2 came out I was sold.

I showed this to a friend who always brags about his vintage Tele's. He bent two or three notes and said he had to buy one! I can't find anything wrong with this baby. The design is beautiful. I can time travel back and forth 50 years! The price is affordable. It ain't a Strat! Tone and twang is back!!!

Lil\' Petey rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-02.

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