Ibanez JS600 Reviews 5

Off ebay for around $300 USD. I actually purchased it for $560 Australian dollars. Came with a matching hard case.

The neck pickups are amazing. Talk about tone... I basically stick with this pickup for everything. The actual guitar is an amazing looking guitar. This is a rare JS600 which was only produced for 1 year i think, in 1994 (possibly 1995) as well so not many around. Its similar to the JS100 except it has a fixed bridge and is WHITE! It looks superb~

The pickup on the bridge is terrible. I really dont like how it sounds. Its an Ibanez AH2 i think which is really a no frills pickup because Joe doesnt even go near it. Its well known he uses only Dimarzios as per his JS1000 guitar. The JS100 is really a cheaper version, similar in style just cost cutting here and there. Im going to get FREDS and PAF Pros and hopefully itll be a custom JS1000 in terms of sound. (truthfully the neck pickup is not so bad id actually consider keeping it). But yeah the bridge pickup is a mix between very bad distortion and horrible tone. I do notice a bit of buzzing when playing this guitar. Beware you might need this guitar to be professionally set up.

QUality is excellent. Like i said the only problem you might have is fret buzz and reaplce the pickups with Dimarzios and youve got yourself a JS1000. (except i think the JS600 looks way better)

If you can get your hands on a JS 600 do it for sure... its beautiful. I wouldnt waste my money on a JS100. Do up the 600 with Dimarzios and youve got a hot looking JS1000

Junkrock rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-11.

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