Ibanez Jem 77GMC Reviews 5

I found this guitar in a music store used in excellent condition, for $800. I bought it because of its rare finish.

The Jem is a very smooth-playing, live guitar. Its feel is snappy and responsive, but its bolt-on neck retains the warmth and sustain of the best strats out there. I like the neck pickup sound a lot because it is warm and smooth, but still distinct. The neck pickup has a more predictably scooped, 'loud' sound. The fittings on all Jems are spectacular, and they are among the most reliable guitars ever for keeping in tune. The neck finish is very tactile and comfortable; your hand won't stick to its finish or deposit dirt on the wood. This is a fantastic guitar for fast playing, but it is versatile, as well.

It's hard to get deep, rich clean tones out of a guitar like this. Also, Ibanez hardware is notorious for discoloring slightly and showing its age.

the construction is of very high quality. The instrument feels rock solid. One problem is with the pickup switch and output jack - somehow Ibanez never seems to get these right, and they tend to crackle and fail.

These are spectacular guitars - no other company has managed to make such a versatile, attractive instrument except Tom Anderson, Brian Moore and possibly ESP. Any Jem series guitar except the inferior 555 is a very sound investment.

Dan C rated this unit 5 on 2001-11-19.

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