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I've played for about 9 years. I play indie rock, with some good solos (half satch, etc...). I am also quite proficient at classical music, which is the reason that I have a Taylor and a Martin & co.

I got this for my birthday from my parents. I don't know they paid for it. They won't tell me and I can't find the receipt. I DO know that they got it from the Fret Shop in Huntsville, Alabama. I saw another one the other day and I think it had a price tag of $499.99, but I could be wrong.

I like the way the pickups are voiced for it. It has a really nice clean, soft sound, using the neck or both pickups. Flip the switch down and turn up the voulume and you can put out a really nasty tone if the moment comes. It aslo looks quite good. It looks too much like a fender jaguar. But, that is my opinion.

There should be locking tuners. If you use light guage strings (like me), all it takes is a few bends or some heavy soloing and they strings drop about a quarter step. All of the electronics are under the pick-guard, so if a wire breaks or develops a short, you have to take everything off to fix it.

The construction is solid, and the quality magnificent. It is a solid body, and has a nice heave to it. But it is a good heave, one that lets you know that it is there, and that keeps it there. Just the feel of the guitar is addicting, not to even start on the sound. The quality is top notch. I have no idea why they discontinued it. The finish is impenetrable, the electronics solid, and the look first-rate.

I think this is a wonderful guitar. It is my 8th, and I think it is my favorite, besides my presentation series Taylor and My JS1200. I think all novice and professional players should have a JTK1.

Satchboogie143 rated this unit 5 on 2006-06-08.

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