Ibanez Jetking 2 Reviews 4

String Shoppe, Columbus,OH, $299.99

I like ugly guitars and this fits the bill! Sold as a Coral Pink but looks orange to me.The pickups sound great for a cheapo guitar and with the coiltaps I can get just about any sound I want. NIce wide fretboard for chording. Great action setup by local shop. No buzzing anywhere!

Jackplate loose. A few turns of a screw fixed it. A bit heavier than I expected.

Looks and feels like a rock. I don't gig out so it should last forever.

I like this so much that I'm gearing up to buy a Jetking 1. Great value for $300.00 I cannot give it a 5 as that is only designated for a tele long lost to a pawn shop.

Mr Mallet rated this unit 4 on 2004-04-04.

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