Ibanez PGM 30 WH Reviews 5

I bought the PGM 30 about 600 bucks, at the Swee Lee Company Singapore. I like the shape of the guitar and the important thing is that there is no other Ibanez guitar can beat the PGM in feel and sound. Although its not the PGM 300 or maybe the PGM 800/900 but these guitar really kick ass!!!!

I like the feel of the neck. The neck dimention is really good. The sound from the IBZ pickup is rich and warm, and I can get that crispy clean and crunchy tone,when I hit the distortion pedal, this guitar really scream. And the other thing that i really like is the simplicity, there's only one volume knob and I still get the tone.

I hate the tremolo. Its an Ibanez Lo TRS II, just like the famous Lo Pro Edge but more stiff. And the quality of the tremolo is bad. Not hard enough so must really carefull to tighten the nuts and the saddle. "Hey U ,anyone at Ibanez, fix my tremolo!!!!!"

These guitar is build to work hard and fit my need of tone. I suggest you to try it before you buy it.

These is a nice guitar, in affordable price.Not like PGM 300 that more expensive. If you want to get the Paul Gilbert tone in cheaper way, this is the guitar. I thing I'll buy it again in the future. I love this guitar

irwan saputra rated this unit 5 on 2001-07-01.

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