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Hi guys , I'll be reviewing my latest axe for you all , hope it will aid you guys in your quest for the ultimate guitarist messiah . I wanted a paul gilbert model very badly for the past year . @ first I wanted to get a pgm-300 but they weren't available in Singapore . Pgm30s wre crazily priced @ 1.7k ( Japan made ) So I settled for the Pgm3 ( Korean Made One ) . I Paid $720 Singapore Dollars for this guitar @ Sweelee Music Factory Outlet in Singapore .As this is probably the only shop in Singapore that imports them , I'd say that they had jacked the price up @ least a $100 to $200 . :) . I didn't test much there till @ home cos once the sales man @ sweelee knows what you want . You pay and get out . :(

Frankly , I like the neck . I had an rg but somehow , this neck felt just right . Each or us have our own tastes and choice , so I suggest even after reading my review , I'd highly say you should go down to a shop and try out for yourself If you're really interested . I also liked the smart and striking colour and design of the axe . Its in pearl white , with 2 black f holes . It looks like a modern electric violin ! :) . The sound of the distortion is everything I expected . Nice crunchy sound with the extra gain when doing solos and shredding !

The input jack is loose :( I know , it happens so typically on Ibanez guitars that if it doesn't happen , its not Ibanez . I had almost immediate fret buzz upon playing it on clean . I'm using a Ibanez TB50R Amp which surprisingly , ROCKS ! , So I'm sure its from the guitar . I observed it came from the 12th fret . 2ndly .. the locking bridge ... IT SUCKS :( ! Big dislike ... You whammy something just a little bit and everything goes off and about like an AC current ... Lastly ... The clean sounds rather pathetic and weak ... just like a bunch of wusses crying ... I know I should not expect too much but I certainly didn't anticipate that .

The construction and quality of the unit is pretty sturdy except for the input jack . The soldering job was done pretty well ! Frankly I'd give it one thumb up . A large number of people have big problems with the korean plant but mine came fine ! Seriously . It wasn't the best , but it was goooood ! :D . Good paint work too . Like a tank in funky striking colours

I'd say its a good intemediate player guitar . Not for clean songs though ( fret buzz + Lousy sound ) . You'll get pretty good rock and metal sounds from this if you unlock the locking bridge which will cause it horribly out of tune . Good try from ibanez Korea . But they can do better ! Try to get your hands on one and try it out ! Yours Faithfully, David

David Wong rated this unit 3 on 2003-01-14.

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