Ibanez RG 470 XL Reviews 4

I bought it on e-bay from a music shop in Queensland for $750 Au. BARGAIN!

As with a lot of the Ibanez solid body electrics, it is built for speed. The wizard neck and deep cutaway allows you to access all parts of the neck with a minimum of fuss. They look great and the lo pro trem stays in tune for ages. Whats not to like about this beast...

The only thing I didn`t like about it is that the pickups didn`t seem to have a lot of flexibility. When you back off the tone & volume controls I didn`t notice much of a change in the dynamics of the sound. Then again I am very fussy with my pickups. What I did do is screw them down a bit lower as they have such a high output and by doing this I have managed to acheive some more mellow tones.

They are a well built guitar, the basswood body has a really good resonance and the bolt on neck cambers away so you don`t have this big chunk of wood behind the higher frets. I hardly noticed the difference of the 27 inch scale neck except for when drop tuning it keeps better tension on the strings.

If you like rock & metal even blues I would recommend this guitar to you. However if you are a session muso or play a lot of different styles this one is probably not for you. I have a Yamaha pacifica which I use for pop,funk & jazz but the Ibanez comes out for the foo fighters and Linkin park songs we do. STP.

Scott rated this unit 4 on 2003-06-28.

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