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Bought it online at SameDayMusic.com, I wanted a good quality guitar that had something more to offer than just a regular guitar, for 350$

I like the body shape, very comfortable, I hated my Warlock when it came to play sitting down. I like the 27 Inch scale, you want heavy? I tuned it to D-D and its a killer machine, plus the floating tremolo really allows you to go into deep woods with this guitar. I wonder what will happen once I put some heavy gauge strings on this baby.

At this point, its all good, but I only had it for less than a day, played it for about 5 hours. I guess the floating tremolo gives you a little pain in the ass once it gets to tuning, since you have to go atleast 2 rounds of tuning to completely tune the guitar.

The body is a little smaller than my Warlock, but its much more rugged and I think will be scratchless for another 10 years! Dont we all wish that?

Considering that Ibanez stopped making these XL 27 scale neck series, and that the regular sized RG's sell for 450+ and these ones for 350$, I grabbed onto this one like a parasyte and I wont let go of this guitar for a while. The pickups are EMG's but theyre heavy! I tuned this guitar to D and it sounds sick, cant wait till I put some heavy gauge strings in there, man will I kick some ass!

SUPERdown RITUAL rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-16.

I ordered it from Music123.com and paid almost $600 for it.

This guitar is awesome, I mean it's almost perfect for being an average $500 guitar. The Wizard II 27 inch scale neck is REALLY comfortable and provides higher string tension for low tunings. The pick ups sounds really good, it has 2 humbuckers(V8 and V7) and a single coil(S1), they are perfect for playing heavy metal.

There are really few thing that I donīt like of this guitar. One of them is that it weights too much!!! And the other is that I canīt learn how to use the floyd rose yet :( 'cos I bought it two weeks ago.

The guitar is made of basswood, It is really well done in every litlle detail. The floyd rose is a "Lo trs brigde" wich is a licensed low profile floating tremelo woth die cast sanddes. It has 24 frets. 2 humbuckers (V7 and V8) and a single coil(S1) designed to work with humbuckers in the middle position.

I thing that for the price is an awesome guitar, perfect for heavy metal!!! It is not one of the most expensives Ibanez but I thing is one of the best. Not cheap not to expensive, but the it worts the money.

A happy metalhead! rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-19.

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