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I bought tis guitar from soem guy in liverpool. I saw his ad on the loot. I'm not sure how much the RGR270-dx is originally, but i picked mine up for 350.

This guitar is great for all types of music. It is best for metal, rock, punk. You can still use it for other stuff emo, ska etc, but it was made for metal. My model is all shiney black.This gives it a good look. It has a backwards head (this takes some getting used to if you're used yo using a normal head). The backwards head give the guitar a good look. The body is well shaped. It has two humbuckers and one single coil. The humbuckers are great for heavy stuff and the single coil can be used for acousic. It has locking nuts which help when you can't be arsed tuning your guitar everytime you play. If you want to fine tune you just use the little fine tuners on the trem.

The only things i don't like about the RGR270-dx is the neck. The neck is very wide making is abit difficult for those fast solos. Also it has locking nuts. sometimes if you tighten them to much it can make your strings weak, but if you have them to loose the strings can slip. Also the guitar is quite hard to clean and it picks up dust etc very easily.

The guitar is constructed very well. It is constructed out of bass wood. It has good sound quality and plenty off bass.

This guitar is great! I would strongly recommend for anyone into the heavy scene.

Dave (tennooge@hotmail.com) rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-29.

i bought this guitar second-hand from a thrash god from Norway. I saw his ad on the Bathory forums. His thread stated (lets bring back mullets). I was immediately attracted to this guitar; the blood and sweat dripping from the machine heads, and the stench of Bobby Orange from the Rustic strap didn't dishearten my lust over this guitar. I offered him a day trip to the yorvik centre to see some of the viking displays. He immediately jumped aboard his longboat and set sail for York.

I feel that this guitar is great for all styles of music, particulary sweedish BN and primative Prog riffs. Its also great for metal, punk, thrash and acoustic stuff even emo if youre that way inclined.

I can't seem to remove the stench of boar's blood from the strap. I've had to buy a new strap since everytime i play i am close to vomitting. Also i have noticed large ammount of seimen stains on the body of the guitar. Also upon purchasing the guitar i had to dilodge an arrow from the the neck. Presumably thrown by one of the previous owners ("loyal fans") during performance.

There is quite a substancial ammount of damage inflicted upon the instrument (some is obviously dilibrate) i.e. The numerous bite marks on the head and neck of the guitar, one of which contained a large molar (presumably a crazed fan). I have removed this and sent it back to Norway. There is also a large dentation of where i removed the arrow head (nothing a bit of pollyfiller can't solve).Apart from that the guitar is in fine working order.

This guitar is brilliant. It has a good action. The one thing that makes this guitar original is the slimy texture of boars seimen. This guitar model is shiney black, this makes it hard to remove greasy stains from hair etc. The guitar has a very icelandic look. Its very popular with certain bands; e.g. Dragaroth realms, Corps from craniem lickers dugeon, Scat corp. Its has also been famouse guitarists such as;Herold Gorgaroth the 3rd of Tiranistria, Dragonimbrium of The Skull Fuck clan and of course.... THE DOG :)

Dave and Gogaroth The local butcher. rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-28.

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