Ibanez RX 170 Reviews 4

I Bought this Ibanez in a music store here in Mexico City in 1995 , I was really looking for a Guitar to use in any music style , I found this and i still have it .

After almost 10 years the guitar is complete , i will tell to Ibanez that the quality is great , the frets are almost eternal , never broke a key or the bridge , the pickups are working fine , and believe me , I use this a lot .

This had few problems since i bought , its a little heavy , the neck i will say is medium , not thin not big , and the pickups have a little humming sound and this can be a problem.

The construction is great , the finish is perfect , the quality is great when you use distorsions , and the potence of the pickups are great .

Great guitar , Perfect Finish , Very good Pickups , for any style of music , if you find this used , its a great investment .

Josue Cruz rated this unit 4 on 2004-10-22.

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