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Goodwill - $70 I bought this guitar because I used to play but due to an injury, with resulting surgery to my left hand, I hadn't played in years. I wanted a decent guitar to play, but I didn't want a huge investment. Ibanez wasn't around when I was last playing, but I had heard good things about them. When this one pooped up on Goodwill, it caught my eye. The price was right.

Fits me like a dream. Light, and easy to play. It's got a single/single/double pickup arrangement, and it sounds just fine (to me). I have mixed emotions about the neck (see below). It's maple with a maple fretboard. This action is fast, fast. If guitar necks were like cars, this neck would be a Formula One Ferrari. Decent sustain.

Because of my injury, and also because I've got big hands, the beautiful, slim tapered, maple neck just isn't happening for me. I just can't strike chords cleanly. But that's my problem, and certainly not a fault of the guitar. Pickguard doesn't lay flat at the tip of the lower cutaway. This is due to poor placement of the attachement screw in that area. I'm gonna try carpet tape - end of problem. Holds tune well enough, except for the B string.

Great neck in that fast maple color with black dots. Nice black paint with tortoise pickguard. S/S/D pickup configuration. I don't know what the body material is as I bought this used and haven't found any literature on this model. Basic tuners - nothing fancy. This is your basic "copystrat" guitar. Made in Korea, vintage unknown.

For its looks, I give this a 3, because I'm crazy about quilted and flamed maple finishes. But it does have a solid retro look about it. For its neck, I give it a 5 - 'nuff said. For its collector value, I give it a 2 - the market is just glutted with these. Overall, I acknowledge the state of the art, and rate this a humble 3. BUT - For $70 you can't go wrong. This one's a keeper. I'm sure there's more where this one came from. Snag 'em up while the gettin's good!

John Filak rated this unit 3 on 2003-11-23.

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