Ibanez Roadstar II RS110 Reviews 5

Bought on Ebay. Have owned a few of these old Roadstars and liked them. $200 The RS110 is simple and to the point. 1 pick-up with push pull split coil switch. Turn it up and go! This guitar is from 1985

It's like a strat but with a thicker body. Easy double cut away, very easy to reach higher register. Blances great, awesome tone. Maple fingerboard, strait as an arrow.

I didn't like the stock pick-ups for a higher gain sound. Loaded a Duncan Distortion and all is good.

Solid as a rock, feels like a tree around your neck! Some serious wood!

I like these guitars better than any other Strat. I have owned Fender, ESP 400, ESP Vintage Plus strats and these Roadstars take the cake. Plus they sell for a lot less than the aforementioned.

Psychoguitarz rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-27.

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