Ibanez S-1540FM Custom Reviews 5

i bought it used for around half of the markedprice.. it was in perfect contition.. only i have to intonate it.. The pickups are warm and very close sounding to Di'Marzio Evolution.. it has a Lo-Pro Edge, HSH with Qm1/Qms1/Qm2(all Ibz pickups).. A custom type neck of the superwizards.. Gold Hardware..

I love the neck and the pickups on this guitar.. too bad it don't got 24 frets.. but i think i can manage to play most thing with 22.. thinnest neck i've played on.. and maybe best? the pickups are very good, some would say they're prosessing the sound to much, but with a think body like this, i think some of the other pickups on the marked would suck on this guitar.. for me.. theese pickups are perfect. The Lo-Pro Edge is maybe the best Floyd Rose system on the marked.. some swear to Original Floyed.. I swear to Lo-Pro Edge.. It's also the floyed who holds the tuning best.. I wouldn't buy a guitar with Lo TRS I/II floyed...

i don't like that it has gold hardware.. it's nice.. but it won't last.. gold hardware have it to be torn off.. esp. for a shredder like myself..

It's a high quality guitar.. only.. it's a very light and thin guitar.. so u have to be careful with it.. u'll even be to careful cause it looks so weak.. but it ain't.. haven't tested it though.. and wont..

I Love this guitar.. it's the best i've played on.. i love the trem. and i love it overall.. after playing guitar in 6-7 years.. i know that this is my call.. i mainly mplaying neoclassical metal/powermetal/prometal and some trad. heavy metal.. and this guitar can handle it all.. i also try to play some fusion and jazz and classical to get better and evolute...

Acron rated this unit 5 on 2002-01-01.

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