Ibanez S470 Moonshadow Reviews 5

i am 17 and payed 380 for this baby at Absolute Sound, awesome deal for such a sweet axe. i wanted a metalish lookin guitar with fast neck and a change from my epi lp standard

the best thing bout this is the playability, its much easier to play than other guitars. super thin wizard II neck is great. speeds up ur playing and makes things smoother and easier to play. the moonshadow finish is pretty good too, under the right light its killer. i dont mind the tone, the pickups with the right amp work fine, i have crate 212 and leads sound pretty good. its not a crunchin machine though, i find it more for lead playing. but the clean is great. its light weight which is cool. very versitle guitar. i play metal and classical, works great for both with the right amp. the clean is way cleEn.

the rolling trem gets in my way becuase at the end of the trem theres tuners becuz its locking trem. i like to rest my palm on the bridge area when i play standing up. it just sucks cuz those dang tuners r in the way and i think im bumpin em all the time, just one of those things u dont wanna think bout when playing. but sitting down its fine

very good, neck is perfect, body is nice and slim and this guitar if u can get for 400 its awesome...just might wanna change the pickups if ur picky bout ur tone cuz powersound dont got much sustain. its a sweet shredsish guitar.

awesome for the price, though if i lost it, id get a blue quilted guitar cuz that was my second choice when i bought this. the plain grey (though its got sparkle)is sorta boring to look at all the time sometimes. but do get this guitar, u wont be let down. i couldnt afford anything more but thats just me. awesome playability!!!!

Ryan rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-11.

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