Ibanez S470 QS Reviews 4

Used. Mint. $600 on EBay including HS case.

- Drop dead beautiful finish / attention to detail. - Very fast / comfortable neck. - Very warm full bodied tone that can really drive / rock, yet can adapt to both metal and blues due to pickup switching arrangement. - Very low action. - Lighter weight, body hugging style add to comfort. - Very flexible to get setup right.

- Floyd Rose needs to be adjusted right. - Single coil pickup does not have enough of that Strat twang. - Some have complained about lack of sustain with the FR, but I find it OK, perhaps due to the mahogony body and locking nut. - Quick drop D tuning is not really an option, though some have claimed it can be done on the fly with the fine tuners.

Construction is first rate, in another league compare to similarly priced Epi's, for instance. I think this guitar will hold up for the duration.

I really love this guitar. My playing level went up a notch with the playability / speed of this neck. Also fantastic for fast power chord progressions. Some may not like it if they have played a Strat their whole lives. Once you get used to something, it is hard to change. I play this though a Mashall VS2000 AVT 50 with a Digitech RP 300 for effects and it absolutely rocks. I have not had any problems with the Floyd Rose once it was set up right. The guitar stays in tune. I have heard that with this flavor of FR the edge can wear and become problematic over time with heavy use. This is the downside with the Ibanez Lo TRS II trem (an others out there). Sure, this is not quite a Gibson in terms of tone, but it is more comfortable to play and a bit more flexible in terms of tone. Upgrade the pickups and you may be there. For the price, this axe plays like a dream and fits me very well for the variety of styles I play. Definitely work checking out used, but only if the trem is in very good / new condition.

Surf Monster rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-12.

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