Ibanez S470 QTRS Reviews 5

I acquired this at a local music store. I paid 1200 (regular 1400) for it since i been a good customer there.

First of let me say I'd never thought i would ever get this guitar... The tone is amazing not to mention the clean sound(just put a little reverb on and it sounds better). Also fine tuners and tremolo lock are really useful.. First time i ever got a electric with a Floyd Rose bridge although this is supposed to be a lower quality one but i still love it. Also hammer-ons give the guitar a much truer sound. The finish.. is beautiful never a day goes by when i play my guitar at school that people don't stop and say "Whoa nice guitar dude" The inlays are original. To look at the spec for pickups and the wood type.. visit www.ibanez.com

Alright... there are some bad things about it First 1) Bridge needs to be adjust.. for some odd reason they don't seem to adjust it at the factories... 2)Tuning... first off if your an impatient person... do not get this guitar unless your keen on working on it... trust me i'm really stubborn and sometimes it frustrated me. I like having it perfectly in tune so it became a chore but later i figured out a pattern to tuning it. Also warning to nu metal guitarists!! Farthest i got this thing was drop d now i don't want to ruin my 1200 guitar so i decided to keep it in standard.. i'm not familar to much with floating bridges but i do know that its not wise to down tune on them.. sides...you don't need to down tune to sound heavy on this thing ;) (mind you i was a big nu metal guy) 3) The "gun metal" look on the bridge, tuner pegs and ridges around the pick ups fades off(because i sweat alot through my palms.. but meh if your like me i find it adds character. 4) I played a strat a first so the neck was alittle different but i grew on it and now i find it silky smooth Thats it nothing major

Thin maghongany body = Wicked sustian Jumbo Frets = Easier play Axis Pickups= Packed with tone Finish = Drop Dead Gorgeous Tremolo locks= Good

Ah man with this beast and my digitech metal master it growls with awesome distortion... Honestly i love this guitar its the best guitar i ever purchased. But honestly i played some gibsons So if your a real serious player and want to get a bad ass guitar AND willing to spend over a couple grand.. give a shout out to gibson or a really expensive ibanez signature model..

MeR|< rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-12.

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