Ibanez S470QSTR Reviews 4

I bought this guitar used from a local music store they sell price was $650.00 but i talked him down to $575.00 I got a great deal this guitar is mint.

The best feature about this guitar is the body. This has to be the thinest body I've ever seen and the tone is great probably because of the mahogany/quilted sapele it ismade of. another big plus on this guitar is the neck. The wizard 2 neck is thin and feels great.

The only negative aspect to this guitar i feel is the bridge. I already had to have the bridge replaced because it collapsed. In Ibanez's defense they fixed it no charge (great customer service).

great construction Ibanez makes a great guitar of all the s series guitars this i feel is the series.

great guitar for the money. This guitar can handle many styles of music though I found it most suited to metal and other heavy styles. The bridge is tempermental but if set up properly it should be fine. All in all this is a great guitar that I would recomend to anyone.

Guitarpro1 rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-07.

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