Ibanez S540 Custom Reviews 5

I bought this one in Houston, in Evans music, to be precise. I always wanted a thin electric guitar and i got the chance of buying this custom Ibanez. I payed 1150 US dls.

The softness of the guitar is awsome, yo can almost fly arround this thing, the choice of pickups make it very versatile tonewise. The electronics in this axe are state of the art and the Floyd Rose makes you take your playing a step further! The case is also stateof the art body built hard case so you can almost drop a nuke and it wont be hurt.

It has no weak point at all!!

The wood is excellent quality, the body is thin and comfortable.

WOW! ibanez S line is awsome and deserves my greatest affection and congratulations! I've never played a guitar that can compare to this one!

PACO rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-17.

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