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I love the sleek, thin neck, sleek thin body, and fingerboard binding.

I hate the pickups that come stock with this guitar. They have a horribly brittle clean sound and a muddy distorted sound. Ibanez stock pickups are awful and dimarzios are a joke too. Do yourself a big favor and drop some APC's or duncan's in this bad boy and it will roar.

solid construction, bolt-on neck, 22 fret rosewood fingerboard with sharkfin inlays, hum-sing-hum configuration with 5-way lever, mahogany body with maple neck. High quality guitar that comes with crappy pickups. Replace the pickups and u won't be sorry.

Great guitar if it had the right pickups.

Steve rated this unit 5 on 2002-05-23.

Because of good review about this guitar I bought it at an offer for $1100 from Swee Lee Singapore.

It looks great as well as it feels good! I'm able to do "stunts" with this guitar without having tension in my muscle. Simply the BEST! Well Done IBANEZ.

So far nothing that i've experience or wanted to comment.

S540LTD very thin-bodied electric guitar , Light in mass weight.Electronics specs, it comes with H/S/H -QM2-QMS-QM3 which are amazing, but recently upgraded to DiMarzio Tone Zone & PAF Pro for the bridge & neck. Wizard II neck is absolutely the fastest neck I have ever played, and it has the "Shark Tooth" inlay pattern. The action on this guitar is superb. Raised "Type 1" super-smooth, fully floating, locking Lo- TRS tremolo system with all "cosmos black chrome" hardware in very good condition. It has a Split 5-position pick-up selector system allows to use the Humbucking pickup as a single coil pickup. That's what I need!

As mention it's perfect match for me. No consideration to sell it...

steamsg rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-09.

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