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This fine piece has a Wizard II maple neck with 22 jumbo frets. Rose wood finger board. No finish on back of the neck. Neck and headstock have a nice cream binding. Body is mahogany with a burled poplar top. Absolutely beautiful! Has S Series body styling: Double cut away, thin at the edges. Very light and naturally balanced. Hardware is a pretty gray/black. Trem is the ZR double locking unit. Strung with 9's. I've played in bands for 25 years and played for 30 years or better. Yup. I'm old!! I've recorded and toured and put an instrumental CD to #2 on the Amazon indie charts: Project Twelve(34). I currently play in two classic rock bands in western PA. My musical tastes run from Zep/NIN/The Police/TOOL/Aerosmith. I own a Gibson Les Paul Classic, Gibson Gothic Explorer, ESP K500, Fernandes LE-1, Fender Strat, couple of Yamaha electrics etc. Amps are Marshall, Fender, Gallien Krueger, Hughes and Kettner and Tech 21.

Got the guitar at Piano's N Stuff north of Pittsburgh during their annual March Madness sale. An experience NOT to be missed. I snagged this beauty for $399.99. List is $1100.00. It is listed as a factory 2nd but I cannot find any flaws.


I had an S540 Frank Gambale model and an RG550 back in the day. Lost them in a divorce..... Been looking for the perfect replacement for them for years. THIS IS IT!! The body is very light and perfectly balanced; stays at whatever angle you place it at. Has a H/S/H pickup configuration with 5 way switching. The ZR tremolo stays in tune with no hassles and does not require an engineering degree to tweak spring tension or overall string altitude. Neck has a comfortable, Gibson like, radius and is quite thin. I have girly small hands so this is an important feature for me. The Infinity 2 bridge pickup and Infinity 1 neck pickup are toneful and quiet even in a high gain environment. To get more definition from them I lowered them into the body several millimeters and adjusted the pole pieces up to mimic the neck radius. This un-muddied the neck pickup without robbing it of it's voodo and kind of PAF'd the bridge pup. The tone and volume knob are useful and responsive (imagine that). It is a bolt on neck but has a very solid neck joint with 4 bolts in an offset pattern. Access to the upper frets is no sweat.

The single coil pickup blows.... Blows alone...... Blows in conjunction with the bridge pup. Has a useful Andy Summers tone when used with the neck pickup. Noisy as a weedeater for the most part.

Very well built guitar! Ibanez's higher end models are as well made as any high end Fender and most Gibsons. My '87 Sabre played over 500 gigs and was involved (along with me) in a fall off a 4' stage. Never failed me once. The S670 shows all signs of that same level of quality and endurance.

If you're looking for a high quality, off the rack, guitar with a killer tremolo system and exotic finish, this is your girl. 'nuff said.

daveb rated this unit 4 on 2010-03-03.

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